Welcome to my blog.  I have been working in IT for over 20 years.  During this time I have seen the internet happen.  I have benefitted in countless ways from information garnered on the net.  This includes tons of stuff that has helped me professionally and in my personal pursuits.  This blog is a little space so I can give something back about something I am highly passionate about: boats.  More specifically sailboats.  I have owned five boats (so far) and maintained all of them in a DIY style.  During ownership of my first boat (1993-1995), a 63′ Pearson Triton, I did call in in the pros a few times but if I knew then what I know now it wouldn’t have been necessary.

This blog will cover some interesting projects, sailing stuff or ask me anything.  My current boat is a Sabre 36′ which I have a deep affection for.  Before her I have owned a Cape Dory 25, Evelyn 25, Pearson 26, Pursuit 2350 (Power) and the above mentioned Triton.

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  1. Eric

    Thanks for the blog. I found this as I was looking for information and examples to assist me in installing a below-decks autopilot on my Sabre 30. Some very helpful information. I will let you know how I make out as the project progresses.


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