2 thoughts on “DIY Project List

  1. Chris

    Nice write ups. I did the same project as you replacing the shower pan piece that was rotted. Unfortunately I had to replace the entire sole as well. I used Lonseal composite over marine 3/4. It was lots of fun (high level of sarcasm).
    After all the work, I was looking for photos of the shower pan before disassembly. Of course they are missing.
    Could you a favor for a fellow boat obsessed person. Could you take a couple of pics of the shower pan, below the shower grate? I am having trouble placing the grate support pieces back in the correct place.

    It would be grately (corny pun) appreciated.


    1. Boat Nut Post author

      I will try to get some pictures this weekend. It took some fiddling to get threshold aligned to support the front of the grate. Since the sole structure is in good shape, a future project is to re-veneer it.



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